The Ottoman Motel

The Ottoman Motel is my first  novel. The good folks at Text Publishing gave it a cover and barcode and published it in May 2011.

If you’re in Australia, you can buy a copy here, if you like.

For UK readers, head here.

If you don’t like paying for things, you can read the first two chapters for free here.

If you’ve read it, why not post a review on goodreads?


“The ever-welcome promise of a burgeoning talent.” The Australian

“This small-town Australian mystery bristles with suspense from the first page.” – The Sydney Morning Herald (Book of the Week)

“Christopher Currie’s novel creates a brilliant atmosphere, layering superficial small-town charm over dangerous paranoia and criminal depravity.” – The Age (Book of the Week)

“Vivid descriptions, excellent character development and a knack of getting the reader turning the pages faster, trying to find out what happens next.” – The Sunday Herald Sun

“Currie’s debut is simultaneously a gripping mystery and a touching coming-of-age story.” – Literary Minded

“There is fine writing throughout the novel … an assured debut.” – The Canberra Times

“An excellent first novel.” – Otago Daily Times

“A disturbing but surprisingly engaging debut.” – The Sunday Tasmanian

“The revelations are truly startling.” – Bookseller and Publisher

The Ottoman Motel has all the ingredients that make a captivating mystery, and it will keep you fixated until the end.” – Good Reading


“Not another bloody non-book that has more to do with the author than the reader. I bet it’s full of sodding quotation marks. I’ve got a pile of them by my bed that I couldn’t read past the first five pages. Bring back the days when you had to convince a publisher that you could actually write before you were published.” – jeklynhyde, The Guardian Online


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