This Sunday there is a veritable cornucopia of literary-themed diversions to ward off the impending doom of another week’s existence, and here they are!

This week saw Penguin Modern Classics release the frankly horrifying cover of a new edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m sure Penguin’s marketing team was not at all expecting the internet’s shocked reaction and easy access to the news cycle and all that free publicity. Indeed, The Guardian nominated their Five Worst Book Covers Ever in celebration.

Caption here.
Unfortunately, the demographic Penguin is trying to capture would be legally required to stay at least 200 metres from this book cover, making a purchase quite difficult.


Still at The Guardian, they named the worst dinner parties in fiction.

As part of if:book Australia’s fascinating literary remix experiment Lost in Track Changes, Ryan O’Neill has written a brilliantly subversive short story called Welcome to AusStories v2.6.

If you haven’t had enough bad book covers (as if there was any such thing), the ever-reliable Caustic Cover Critic has uncovered another in a long series of so-called publishers serving up Public Domain works with wildly incongruous jacket images.

Not entirely how I remember it.


And last, but certainly not least, online behemoth and Quaint Internet Book Vendor who Came Out To Have a Good Time and is Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now Amazon dot com this week finally jumped the shark in their ongoing battle with publisher Hachette, first sending out a bizarre email to all authors in their Kindle Publishing Direct programme, and then directly reacting to writer-led movement Authors United by publishing the same text as an open letter under the snazzy title Readers United. The contents of this screed is part crazy guy at train station and part last minute media studies essay, and encourages like-minded writers and readers to spam Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch by publishing his email address. If you want a full breakdown of what’s going on, then head over to John Scalzi’s blog.

Enjoy your week!


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