If you’re anything like me, you start your morning with some low-fat yoghurt, green tea and light philosophy.

If you’re actually me, you start your morning with desperate gulps of coffee, a pastry that hits the sweet spot between most butter legally allowed in a morning treat and the distance needed to obtain it, and frantic inhalation of All The Internet I’ve Missed.

To save you from a similar fate, and to give you a little more time in that short window where caffeine and calorific intake allow you to process information before the damp blanket of ennui that is An Impending Monday descends upon your shoulders (historically occurring between approximately 1.35pm and 5.19pm), I present to you a selection of my favourite things from the week.

The first chapter of Emily St. John Mandel’s heavily hyped novel Station Eleven is now available for your perusal at Scribd.

Nicole Cliffe brings us Every Canadian Novel Ever.

The brave patriot who began a curiously detailed Kickstarter campaign to fund a sequel to Breaking Bad almost definitely starring Val Kilmer, Slash and an array of secret guest stars has had to cancel the project, because Val Kilmer called him a goofball.

You have two options: someone eating probably German food, or waxwork Sea Captain.
Just one of the many highlights from the Kickstarter page.

Elmo Keep has a really great piece up on The Awl about the book she didn’t write.

Poet Jenni B. Baker is creating “erasure poetry” from every single page of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and the results are pretty great.

If you haven’t listened to Bring a Plate, the hilarious pop culture podcast from Brisbane-based writers, bons-vivants and Twitter superstars Rebecca Shaw and Peter Taggart, then you’re missing out. Never fear, their first anniversary episode dropped this week, and it’s a great place to get started.

And finally, Buzzfeed has an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Nathan for You, the criminally underrated semi-reality show created by and starring comedian Nathan Fielder, reflective Instagram star, expert in unhaunted houses and purveyor of protected-under-parody-law fine coffee. If you’ve never seen the show, you can start on the first season right here.

Delicious Dumb Coffee.

Right, I’m going back to bed. Enjoy your Sunday.


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