A couple of things to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks:

Applications close July 12 for the QWC / Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for both fiction and nonfiction writers to work with professional editors on a manuscript. I was lucky enough to participate in the 2008 program, alongside Philippa Fioretti and Favel Parrett, who both subsequently saw their manuscripts picked up and published by Hachette. More details here!

Speaking of the QWC, I’ll be part of an excellent seminar this Saturday called So You Want to Be a Writer. I’ll be talking and answering questions alongside Angela Slatter and Benjamin Law. We’ll be talking about the realities of starting out as a writer, and how to maintain it as a career. It’ll be great fun, so make sure to book your tickets here.

On Monday June 11, I’ll be part of a really cool project called The 24-Hour Novel, where me and a bunch of other cool people will be writing and editing an entire book in 24 hours. Once we’ve finished, the first copy will be printed out at Brooklyn Public Library, and will also be available almost immediately after online. You can keep track of us working on the 11th at liveblog, so please swing by!

And finally, I believe I have pinpointed the exact moment when the novel died.


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