You might say to me, “Chris, I’m a busy person. Why would I need more distractions? Also, why are you in my living room?” To this, I would simply answer: “All these things will enrich your life and may even save you time, getting you straight to the good stuff and meaning you’re not meandering aimlessly around the internet looking for the best things to read. Also, your windows are not very secure. Sorry about the footprints on your carpet.”

Here, then, are three new places you simply must visit/explore/read/listen to this week.

First off, the very exciting new site that kicked off this blog post is The Rereaders, the brainchild of young Sydney-based writers, reviewers and book industry go-getters Sam Twyford-Moore, Rebecca Giggs and Fiona Wright. Each fortnight you can download the Rereaders Podcast, a literary and cultural discussion based heavily on the Slate’s Cultural Gabfest series. The first Rereaders podcast went live today, and it was terrific. In fact, you’re wasting time reading me talking about it. Listen right here (mp3). Twitter = @therereaders

While you’re in the mood for listening, why not check out the excellent BookTuner, where book editor and tastemaker Nikki Lusk impeccably matches book and music combinations (I can personally attest to the Visit from the Goon Squad and Sleigh Bells match). Twitter = @booktuner

And two more quick links to see you through the week:

My Unfinished Novels (which is almost exactly what it sounds like)

The Shortlist Daily (when The Monthly tells you what to read, you listen, sir!)



2 thoughts on “ANTI-DISTRACTIONS

  1. This is what I do! I send a friend, every Wednesday, the Wednesday Website Wack. A short list of the things I find on the net that he needs to be aware of. This week i included The Shortlist Daily too – stop stealing my thunder! I admit that you might be a bit funnier than me but I am on par with grammar and spelling!

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