If you’ve got anything at all to do with the book industry, then this week has been a bloody interesting one. On Monday afternoon, the news broke on Twitter that Pearson Group Australia (the parent of Penguin Publishing Australia) had bought the websites of  RedGroup orphans Borders and Angus & Robertson. And if that wasn’t enough, later that evening the news broke that Amazon (#2 enemy of Australian booksellers) had bought Book Depository (#1 enemy of Australian booksellers). These are both game-changers of the highest order to the Australian book industry, and other more intelligent people have already pulled apart what this all means.

However, as I did on Twitter on Monday night, I would like to highlight some of the other game-changing developments that happened this week that somehow went unnoticed.

  • Bryce Courtenay buys the world’s book binding glue reserves
  • HarperCollins buys the rights to the phrase “The Next Stieg Larsson”
  • Murdoch Books announce plans to lease out all even page numbers as advertising space
  • Amazon fills entire Amazon river with Kindles
  • J K Rowling offers to come around to your house and individually scream Harry Potter facts into your ear for $1 million
  • Hachette release new “Sniffbook” format: bestelling titles printed on aloe-infused tissues
  • Jonathan Franzen copyrights thick black glasses, ennui
  • PanMacmillan organize homeless flashmob to promote their new eReader, the HoBo

What a week!


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