Finally recovered from The Ottoman Motel Brisbane launch, held at Avid Reader last night! I just wanted to sincerely thank everyone who came along last night, and those who couldn’t but sent well-wishes anyway. I couldn’t have asked for a better launch for my first book: great venue, great hosts (the wonderful Krissy Kneen, and the hilarious Matt Condon) and plenty of books to sign! A special mention must also go to Marco Ransom-Hughes, the winner of the Avid Reader/Text Publishing Ottoman Motel Book Trailer Competition. Did I mention he is still at school? Here is his awesome trailer:

It was so nice to see Marco receiving his prize (a $100 Avid Reader voucher and Text Publishing book pack), but he also had something for me: the turtle keyring that features in his trailer (and which also features in the book). It’s a really great memento of the night. Thanks, Marco!

Here are some other photos of the night.

Thanks again to everyone for coming. Next stop, Melbourne on May 23!


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