So it’s that time of the year again when Melbourne is descended upon by the cream of the “new writing” crop — the Emerging Writers Festival (EWF). I was lucky enough to be invited down last year to talk about my blog “Operas I Have Written for My Cats”. Sorry, no, that’s my other project. It was for this place, where you’re reading this. Back when I wrote a short story a day. Anyway…

I had such a good time last year, and was so impressed with the organisation, enthusiasm and energy around the festival (by far the best Writers Festival I’d been to) that I simply had to go back. This year I’ll be in conversation with writer, artist and performer Beth Sometimes, and more specifically about her Adventure in Postcards, where she wrote a postcard to “someone or something” every day for a year. The results were compiled in her charming and impressive book From Sometimes Love Beth. Our conversation will form part of the EWF’s From Here to There series, during their jam-packed Town Hall Program, which you can buy a pass to for the whole weekend May 29-30. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

I had such a great time last year taking part in a From Here to There session, chatting with Stef Convery about Furious Horses, and answering questions from a mind-bogglingly enthusiastic audience. I was also fortunate enough to be able to stick around the town hall and encounter a whole bunch of other wonderful discussions, panels and performances. If you’re anywhere near Melbourne, I encourage you to do the same. EWF has been running from May 21, and has all sorts of brilliant things going on, both in and around Melbourne, and on Twitter.

I would love to list all the sessions I want to attend, but it’ll be quicker just to point you to the EWF program. I’ll see you there!

Popular blogger Christopher Currie enjoys the perks of Melbourne Town Hall, EWF 2009:


3 thoughts on “EMERGALICIOUS!

  1. >So, when can I read operas you have written for your cats? Because I have a few songs that my cat sings with me accompanying him on theremin. It's so great, he does this thing where he stares up at you, then wipes his nose with his paw, and ha! he licks his balls, just before he launches in to the tough aria bit- it's great. Then, at the end he chases his tail till he falls over. It's brilliant, you gotta see it. He's really talented, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mum. Oh, and he has this great costume where he looks like Tinkerbell. Maybe I'll post something on you tube. Anyway, I'd be happy to collaborate or something?

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