Discount bookshops are a hunting ground of both pleasure and pain for me, a soon-to-be-published author, and independent bookshop employee. To see all those unsold/returned/unsellable books stacked up, it tends to break your heart a bit. Still, there are reasons books end up in the discount pile. My most recent trip to Brisbane’s biggest discount book graveyard reminded me of a few of them…

#1 One spin-off too many


#2 Books with coloured pages


#3 Books that don’t fit on any regular bookshelf


#Books that have to be pulped once their subjects turn out to be a deeply dodgy probable rapist. Or Matthew Johns.


6 thoughts on “REMAINDERS OF THE DAY

  1. >Hey, I work in a bookstore so plenty of authors get a large chunk of my hard-earned cash. Let me in on the secret so I don't send myself totally broke. šŸ˜¦

  2. >To find this shop, first you must unravel a series of clues, each more devious than the last.Or just go to Cnr Queen & Edward Sts. Knock yourself out on unsold Trade Paperbacks!

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