Just a quick note to tell you where you can pay to read some FH stories that you can read on here for free. Enticing, no? Actually, there are edited, cleaner version of the drivel I put up here. So seek out the fine publications they appear in, and support independent publications!

How To Explain It To Someone Who Wasn’t Actually There appears in Issue Seven of excellent Melbourne journal Page Seventeen.

Brainchild; Top Ten Songs To Sing While Picking Mulberries; and Television Listings : Dramas will appear in the first edition of Small Room, a Gold Coast-based fold-out poster-sized literary journal. Sounds rad? It is! Want to be present at the grand unfolding of Issue One? Then come along to Avid Reader Bookshop on Tuesday November 24.

Also, my first few LOLeratures have gone up on LOLerature. Have all your meme fusion needs satisfied here, here and here.

Further to LOLerature, Somerville and I are mentioned in this article. Hilarious.


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