So again, I’ve let the blog slide. After one post every day, you think it would get easier. But I’m in limbo. Unfortunately, not this sort of limbo:

…but rather waiting for the edits to come back on my manuscript. I haven’t done any serious writing since my 48 Hours/48 Stories thingo, and I can feel that creativity sapping away. So I’ll endeavour to write some more stories (one, I know for sure, involves a meteor), and maybe put a few more thoughts up on the blog.But that’s not to say my fiction hasn’t been busy without me. My story, In The Oldest Way, which you may remember from blog posts such as these, appears in a newer, much better form in the latest issue of The Lifted Brow. You can buy a copy at their Electric Palace at The Zoo on Thursday August 13, or at Avid Reader Bookshop on Friday August 14, where there will be readings/games with string, featuring readings and scientific presentations by Tom Guerney, Antonia Strakosch, Krissy Kneen, Leesa Wockner and my good self. You can read a lovely review of the new Brow (and my story) at the excellent talking-about-books-behind-their-backs blog 3000 BOOKS.I was also very pleased to let some of my stories into the tender care of Chris Flynn, who recently read a few stories from my 48 Hours/48 Stories thingo as part of the launch of Josephine Rowe’s wonderful new book How a Moth Becomes a Boat. You can read a great review of the night here (in which my misspelt alter-ego is accused of being a “nutcase”).

And, finally, one of my favourite stories, Strange Days in July has finally found a home (and a new title). It appears in a new form in the 7th edition of Ilura Press’ journal Etchings (along with J M Coetzee!!!).

Anyhoo, I’d better get writing, so my stories can keep getting out there and having fun without me. I’ll be here, waiting for edits, maybe looking into limbo dancing lessons.


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