Sorry it’s been a while between posts, but I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. No, only kidding, I’ve actually been signed to Text Publishing, who will be publishing my novel From the deep end table in the first half of next year. Even though I’ve told everyone already, I wanted to wait until I’d signed on the dotted line to, you know, make it official by, like, totally blogging it.

So now the hard work really starts, as I attempt to knock this dastardly narrative into shape. The story has been with me over five years, and I’m really looking forward to working on it with an editor or two. Hopefully an elegant, tense literary mystery will emerge! Anyway, more as I know more.

But just to say that Brisbane authors are totally, absolutely kicking arse this year. Long may they reign!


10 thoughts on “DELAYS

  1. >Very, very exciting news. Very. I'm editing my mss now and I feel like I'm doing a work out with Mohamod Ali…just when I turn the page with relief …I go down again with a thump. It's a rigorous process that's for sure.

  2. >great news, chris. I'm curious: do you think this blog had anything at all to do with it? i mean, obviously the ms sealed it, but maybe they found this blog, noticed your solid, yet prolific output and determined that not only could they sell heaps of your books, but also that you were clever and creative enough to turn around good writing fast. basically, that you wouldn't be a prick author during the editing process. it's probably hard to say, but I wonder if it came up during negotiations …

  3. >It certainly helped, Ryan. It is nice to be able to tell a publisher, "well, I DID write a short story every day…". As to whether I'll be a prick during the editing process, only time will tell…

  4. >If you are a prick, you will have earned the privilege. I am happy to have a friend in the stable. Will be fun to gallop alongside you, as always.xPS the word verification is making me spell out cunct. Is that rude?

  5. >Great!! Enjoyed your session at EWF, and judging by how packed the room was, it will be a good investment for Text. Will your book be a novel or a collection of short stories?

  6. >Hey Chris,Congratulations on your dotted line signing. So well deserved. Look forward to reading it in the near future. All the best with the edit. Have no doubts you will carve it.Cheers,Lynn

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