I promised myself I wouldn’t, but I am such a sucker for dubious book covers. I recently caught up with a rep from Boolarong Press, a commercial/joint venture/vanity press mainly servicing south-east Queensland authors, and was impressed by their commitment to local stories, and serving up useful and timely books, such as this one. That said, their catalogue contained some all-time favourites such as this:

And this:


In other news, Techcrunch gives us yet another reason Amazon is evil. Turns out it’s easy to steal the identities of popular blogs (and even books!) and publish them to the Kindle, reaping the profits. Find our more here.If you need calming down after that disturbing news—and at the risk of straying from my chosen field of creative endeavour—Iron and Wine is celebrating the imminent release of a 2-disc collection of rare and out of print tracks, Around The Well, with a free download of alternate tracks from 2007’s brilliant The Shepherd’s Dog. Click this link to start downloading, and feel those Amazon-related copyright worries float away.


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