For all those (three) Furious Horses fans in Melbourne, I will be down your neck of the woods soon for the Emerging Writers Festival, whose organisers have very kindly invited me down to talk about this blog, in a session called From Here to There, at the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday May 30th at 12.30pm. Now I don’t want to alarm you, but it’ll just be me up there for one hour, in conversation with Beth Proudley, somehow coming up with interesting things to say about the process of starting Furious Horses, how I developed it, and where it’s gone since — that is to say, please come armed with some questions, because this is all I have so far:

1. Inaudible mumbling in response to chair’s questions (2 mins)
2. Brief ventriloquism act featuring Stabby, the rambunctious black pen (13 mins)
3. Maurie Fields impression (4 mins)
4. Awkward silence (15 mins)
4. Short reading from my unpublished collection of genital health poetry (2 mins)
5. Miscellaneous shouting (8 mins)

Which still leaves 16 minutes to fill. Your suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, if you’d like to book a ticket to the day’s entertainment at the Town Hall (featuring the talents of creative types far cleverer and more talented than I), or any other session at the festival, please head over to Greentix and make your booking. I am told with good authority that if you book a weekend ticket, you will get a showbag! The festival runs from Thursday May 23 through to Sunday May 31. I’ll be there for the last few days, so if you see me, make yourself known with the Secret Furious Horses Handshake, or SFHH*.

So I hope to see you in Melbourne, The City of … String.


* For instructions on how to properly execute a SFHH, please read this.



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