It’s only May, but I already feel that I’ve seen my favourite title of the year so far. My good friends at Gary Allen, laudably Australia’s largest home-owned book distributor and publisher (but also agent for some very dodgy esoteric and shouldn’t-have-been-published titles) are bringing into the world in July this mind-boggling thing:

Like Chocolate for Women?! Now I enjoy wordplay as much as the next person, but this book’s title has me perplexed. Is it trying to be “Like Water for Chocolate”? And what indeed is this relationship between women and chocolate? And how does it apply to getting back on top (of whatever it is you want to get on top of) and in control of your life? Only time will tell.And while we’re looking at Gary Allen’s July highlights, why not experience the ocean with the innocent delights of The Rainbow Fish, and his new friend Creepy Octupus. Do fishes have a “swimsuit area”? And notice I didn’t even mention the author’s last name. Because I’m not crass like that.

But Gary Allen shouldn’t really worry. Their homepage reminds us that they have the distribution rights to probably the two biggest nonfiction moneyspinners in Australian publishing. Fair play to them.

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