Alright then, how about book covers that improve between formats? Enough of ragging out on B-format bungles. Take, for instance, Joseph O’Neill’s marvellous book, Netherland—my sixth-favourite book I read last year (if you want to see my top ten, then read on below). Netherland is about many things, but the hook to really hang it on, if you will, is an exploration of the ex-patriate cricket community in New York. It has little or nothing to with with ice-skating…

First Format, released June 2008

I actually like the above cover, even better than the US hardback edition, which fits more in with the cricketing theme (of which I’m lucky enough to have a signed copy)…

But the cover below is the good shit. It’s the second format, due out in Australia in late June. Sort of makes it look important, don’t you think?

And for interests’ sake, here is the paperback of the US edition (with its bizzaro tilted title), due out there in early June. I’ve placed it next to another cover which seems to have inspired it..



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