>I make a number three—curly, with flowers and shiny blue bits, and fix it to my door. It’s not one of my best numbers, but it’s by far my favourite.

It takes me six hours to finish.

Things feel heavier now that you’re gone.


7 thoughts on “>HINDRANCE : TEN

  1. >Maybe things just feel heavy for him cause he’s such an ‘impressionable’ character…I like impressionable main characters – aided or not, by their ongoing heaviness. I found your MC very impressionable. Loved this last one. Short, sweet and dare I say it…equally as impressionable as the preceding posts. Am a bit a fan of shiny blue bits too…

  2. >oh christ. heartbreaking. in the most bittersweet, red wine, beautiful of ways.I found your site at post four and have been trying to find it all night through google. I’m glad I found it again! Keep up the great work!

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