Patient: Doctor, I can’t feel my legs!
Doctor: That’s because we cut off your arms.

Strange what you think of when your mind falls apart. It’s a joke you used to tell me. You used to laugh a lot, but I can’t think why. A degenerative disease. Hence the wheelchair, I suppose. I never thought to ask.

You were alone, or so they said, when you died.

There should really be a song, or a poem, for what I’m feeling now. Crouching in a hospital corridor, my shirt stiff with old sweat, letting the tears drop into my useless palms. But there isn’t. So I’m left with my own thoughts. Trying to imagine how you must have felt. How the hell you got through it.

No wonder you made your life just the way you wanted it.

There’s quite a nice funeral, and I meet some people you knew. Sounds like you were a wonderful person.

I loved you, anyway. If that makes a difference.


4 thoughts on “>HINDRANCE : NINE

  1. >Chris, you know my feelings about sad stories, but surprisingly enough, i really like this one. it’s not sad in the way that makes you want to drink yourself into a stupor and yell at the moon about the unfairness of life, it’s sad in a beautiful way that makes you toast the unfairness of life, and quote poetry at the moon. a subtle but important difference. well done.

  2. >ZOMBIE STORY GO!:)I still liked the end. Now that I think about it, the story from her perspective would be a lot more restricted. It might be a challenge but it might also be a bad idea. I don’t know if I want more because that would skew the guy’s perspective for me…

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