>Dear Valued Customer,

In today’s helter-skelter world, isn’t it nice to know that there’s still one place you can go where you can feel truly relaxed, truly calm, truly appreciated. Here at The Kwik-Star Motor company, we value, above all else, YOU. That’s why we are delighted to introduce you to our exciting new motoring experience: The Pulsar Fiesta.

Here at Kwick-Star, we spend our lives devoted to the art of bringing you, our most valued asset, the customer, the most pleasurable and unique driving experience possible in the circumstances that we can. That’s why we are so excited to announce The Pulsar Fiesta—more than a car, it’s a concept, a vision, a dream.

The Pulsar Fiesta is the answer to a question. A question that we here at Kwik-Star have hear you, our customer—the most important voice that we hear on a day-to-day basis—ask us: can I experience a driving experience that is both pleasurable and also powerful and also eco-conscious? The answer is yes. The answer is The Pulsar Fiesta.

Due to recent breaches of the Trades Practices Act, we here at Kwick-Star are legally unable to inform you of the exact specifications—or indeed provide any physical descriptions—of The Pulsar Fiesta, but we in fact feel that to “over-define” this exciting new automotive experience would be to ruin the true aesthetic impact of seeing the car for yourself.

So why not write, email or drop in to one of the literally three Kwik-Star showrooms scattered around the country, and experience the The Pulsar Fiesta experience today! If you do drop in, though, don’t forget not to actually mention The Pulsar Fiesta by name, due to ongoing legal complications with the Ford and Nissan motor companies. But we’ll know what you mean!

Your truly,
The Kwik-Star Motor Company


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