>Dear Fiction Reader,

I am writing to excuse Christopher from his “Furious Horses” blog post tonight, as he is feeling under the weather, due to a persistent and virulent influenza virus. I want to assure you that he had every intention of writing tonight’s post, such is his dedication to his craft, but unfortunately, just as he was about to sit down at his computer, his hands were accidentally bitten off by his girlfriend, who, due to an existing condition, often confuses human appendages with Indian food. In this case, she thought Christopher’s hands were two succulent pieces of Tandoori chicken and it was only some minutes after that they both realised what had happened.

Also, due to Christopher’s extensive charity work with blind orphans, he was unable to fully commit his energies to tonight’s post. Really, he does so much for those kids. There should be a medal or something.

Christopher has given me his assurances he will post a story tomorrow night, and he apologises for any inconvenience tonight’s post has caused.

Yours Sincerely,
Chris’s Mum


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