Seeing as Wednesday is the start of my writing week, I thought I might share with you a few literary diversions to get you through your mid-week (anyone who uses the phrase “hump day” is not allowed to read this blog).

And in final, really sad non-book news, I learned this morning that Levon Helm, legendary member of The Band and amazing musician in his own right, is in the final stages of cancer. His is a voice I’ve loved all my life, and it’s unbearably tragic to hear that it will soon disappear.

Here is the video I will be watching for the rest of the day:



You’ve read about it already, but here is a great response to the more than slightly sinister Dymocks email urging their customers to support the ban on parallel importation of books.

Then there’s the Amazon censorship scandal, where everybody’s favourite non-GST-paying book supplier is denying sales rankings (and therefore levels of searchability) to books it deems to contain “offensive content” (i.e. anything dealing with human sexuality – duh!). There are a few ways to combat this draconian and ridiculous decision (which Amazon have recently fended off as a harmless “glitch”, ahem…). The first may be to read and forward this letter. The second, which is my favourite, is to click this link. Say, three times every minute. Sit back and watch the sales ranking rise.


Now we all know you shouldn’t buy books from Amazon (they don’t pay any Australian tax, they charge you exorbitant shipping costs, and they wrap your books in the flayed skins of tiny orphans), but I do enjoy sniffing around the site for books I don’t know about yet. If you look hard enough, you’ll find some exciting upcoming releases.